The Rev. Canon John Wilton

Interim Priest-In-Charge

The Rev. Canon John Wilton was ordained in 1987 after careers in teaching and the civil service.

He has since served five parishes, including St. George’s Willowdale in our deanery for 13 years. John has served on Diocesan Executive a couple of times, was Regional Dean in two deaneries, was Canon Pastor of the Diocese for three years and served on many diocesan committees.

He retired in May of 2014, but continues to do facilitation for the Fresh Start program and other committee work. John and his wife Diane have two grown children, Steve and Liz, and a grandson, Kieran who is 19. Diane is an occupational therapist who works on a casual basis at St. John’s Rehab. Since coming to St. Matthew, they both enjoy learning about new people who continue to join the St. Matthew community and taking part in parish life here.

David Braund
Music Director & Orgnist


Val Seales

Rector’s Warden

Margaret Allen

Peoples’ Warden

Norma Walker Roberts

Deputy Warden

Steve O’Keefe

Deputy Warden

Donna Lam
Office Administrator